Your mother is your asset

Assets are useful and valuable things, properties owned by a person, or company regarded as having value. They are very princely objects that had taken one time to acquire and meant to play important roles in the life of the owner. If your parents were bankers or stockbrokers, you would possibly have heard of the word asset. Asset is what you have, that you would not want to lose for anything. You would rather want to get more to add. In the same way, your mom is an asset. Your finest asset is your mom. She is too useful and valuable as she plays center stage on the commandment in which God has given her.

The future would be secure knowing that your mum is right there fashioning how best you’d fit into God’s plans and society’s need in general. Your mom is terribly gifted and just like an asset, she deserves so much of protection. You will not want to hurt how she feels. Now, every bank has assets, they sometimes call it fixed or variable assets. In order for the assets not to lose their value, they are protected. These assets are purchased for long-term use and are not likely to be converted quickly into cash. They include such things as land, building, equipment etc. Same treatment has to be done to your mother. Your mom is a fixed asset. You just have to protect her. Ensure she is always healthy, smiling and wearing a cheery look. Your mom is worth celebrating and protecting. All those gifts embedded in her are to push your way to the top; this is because she has the right mix of love, joy, peace, discipline, happiness, wisdom, and knowledge to see this come to pass. Lilly posits, “It takes someone really brave to be a mother, someone strong to raise a child and someone special to love someone more than herself.”

Al Sharpton confesses, “A single mother who made a way for me raised me. She used to scrub floors as a domestic worker and ride the subways in Brooklyn so I would have food on the table. However, she taught me as I walked her to the subway that life is about not where you start but where you are going.”

Yet mummy Webb was so highly talented that with the high mixture of discipline, love, and happiness, she converted by God’s help Webb’s failure to Webster. Webster dropped out of school to the tutelage of his caring mother who persevered to ensure the success called Webster. He is a star because he discovered he had an asset in his mother and decided to plough that asset into purposeful venture.

Now your mom is your first asset. She is your natural asset. You could and would not afford to lose her. From when you sucked her breast for the first time, you felt the milk of love, joy; happiness and discipline pass through her to you. You tapped from her all your resources given to her by God. God had bestowed on her enormous talents and gifts. He gave her a well of them. She is the only means through which all the gifts meant for you would get to you. You must not forget the source of those resources. Often times some kids feel they are too big to meet their mothers for advice or direction. Some feel their mom is not educated enough to give them the answers they need and so they are easily misguided by friends. This should not be your case. Your mother is and remains the best source of answer you can get for your troubling questions. You cannot measure the quality and quantity of your mother’s knowledge.

She has too much you need to know and have. Whether she is educated or not, she does have all the experience God needed her to have to bring you through to the world. God weaved into her loins and he knew you would necessarily need everything he had bestowed her. Do not even dream of losing her because she is an asset.

Do not lose the faith and confidence of what you have. The bank’s assets would be useless if the bankers do not have faith in what and how much or far it can take them. Therefore, the asset called your mother would be useless if you do not believe in her. She is right behind you saying, “trust me I have the right answers; I am your success asset.” This is because she knows how you will get to the top, something you are blind to.

Your mom is made of gold, crested with diamonds, dressed with precious stones in costly array. She is too valuable to ignore. Imagine having gold and diamonds. You would take it to the bank right. Yes, but your mom does not want to go to the bank. You are her bank and she is trusting on the security you are offering her. There is something worth more than gold and diamonds. That is your mother’s love, happiness, and joy. Cherish them and cherish her too. The best you are and will be is the sum of these cherished resources she is offering you.

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