Maxim Gorky made this statement “only moms can think of the future because they give birth to it in their children.”Every child dreams. You look forward to a future you would love to feature. For many, it is a great career. You would hear kids say, “I want to be a doctor, lawyer, engineer, musician etc.”From our little years, we begin to imagine how the future would look like in the next generation Toyota, Volkswagen, Honda, or in that posh home or villa in that grand part of town. Nevertheless, do you know that your mom also dreams? She dreams for you. She had pictured you in everything you imagined or dreamed. She might not know how you would get there but she pictured it. Before you began to think for yourself, she had pictured you. She knew the mentality of you sketched inside her. She knew someday you would be up to school, getting a university degree, and becoming a doctor, lawyer, engineer etc. Your mom dreamed about your dreams and her dreams are true.

Mom is bent on pursuing those dreams that was why even before you got through understanding yourself, she placed you into kindergarten. She pushed you through your very first steps in life. You never agreed to this but she forced you through it. You threw tantrums yet she did not turn her back. She just smiled and said in her heart,” I wish this child knows what I see about him?” Now your ability to dream today is subject only to the dream your mom dreamed. She did not give up because you were proving too stubborn. Rather she pursued her goal earnestly. She showed tenacity of purpose. Your mom so believed in her dreams that when it seemed you were not getting good grades, she did not tell you to stop. Rather she said, “Fail on.” She saw the success after your failure. Linda Poindexter asserts, “Your mother wants you to follow your dreams so you can reach the same ones she gave up for you”.

When Martin Luther King Junior read the famous “I have a dream speech” to his fellow Americans, one could tell, it was not just his dream. Martin’s mom had dreamt of a Martins becoming a symbol of a free America.” She saw it; Martins lived it. Martin was obliged to meet mom’s dreams. A thousand and one Martins out there are living their mom’s dreams. In addition, they are examples for you. They had absolute faith in their moms’ dreams. If you take time to look through the eyes of your mom, you would see what she wants you to be, a great personality.

Mom keeps dreaming the dreams and you keep living the dreams. Your mom’s dream is a word of encouragement. It is a sure word telling you “I saw it and I know you can reach it”. It is no mistake the saying that “a great nation is great mothers.” This is because great mothers keep dreaming great dreams and their kids live great dreams building a great nation. A failed nation is invariably a consequence of the failure of mothers to instil in their kids the desirable discipline needed to pedestal them towards future achievement.

Your mom is no mistake. You are beside her because she has the right dreams to pedestal you to the top. When next you hear a child say “I have a dream,” remember there was a great mother behind him saying “yes child I dreamed it for you.”

Mothers are the best dreamers. Believe your mom’s dreams they are the surest steps to reaching your own dreams and being the best she wants you to be. Your mom’s dreams are:

Desirable: she pictures an image of you, an image you desire, love and cherish. She is passing it across to you and saying child here you are Realistic: mom does not paint an impossible image. She knows your every weakness and is smart enough not to assume. She shows you the dream and you see the possibility in it.

Enterprising: Mom’s dreams of you an enterprising fellow of the future. She sees hard work as your hallmark and realizes that for you to achieve her dreams, you have to have an enterprising mind.

Attainable: Mom’s dreams are attainable and achievable. She has seen you at the top and she can only imagine you there. She is ready to help you make those steps that will take you to that goal.

Mysterious: you would be wondering mysterious. How come she sees you and you just keep heading towards the goal, the dream? Because she dreamed it, you can do it.

Mom has faith in her dreams and she pursues that dream with all the zest inside her. She has made your best quest doing all she can within her ability to achieve that dream. Mom acknowledges that you also have your dreams and she would love to see your dreams come to fruition. Nevertheless, your dream is subject to hers.

Mom dreams every-day. These dreams increase her expectation of you. She places so much confidence in you believing absolutely that her dream for you must see day’s light. Mom is certain that you can rise to the pinnacle of success where she dreams you would be. She is confident of this fact and hopes you would realize the fact that she wants your best.