Your mom did not become your mom by mistake. God had put into your dad, a yearning for a woman who would support him through life in raising a family that would contain you and perhaps your siblings. Dad took his time to search and led by God he found your mom. Your mom just suited your dad. God had to make the first woman eve from the first man Adam. Adam saw eve and confessed eve as truly being bones of his bones.

Your mom is dad’s bones. It is mysterious but that is just how it is. Yes! Your mum may be just the opposite of your dad but they are just perfect for themselves. Your dad thought your mom was the best and he still thinks so. He absolutely trusts in her ability and he is often mesmerized by the quality and quantity of talent embedded in her. Your dad believes he is fortunate to have your mom and he is transferring it to you. You, therefore, have no reason not to believe in your mom. Alan Sam Mayfus.k puts it this way, “God gave me two angels! And he named them MOM AND DAD.”

In the work of Mohammed Ali, He had written of how his father raised them through the heights with their mom playing a vital role. No! He is doing this to show you how important and pivotal your mum has been in raising him and as well as the family. He is recognizing her salient gifts, her strides, and efforts to see that you come through the best. He is recognizing her unfailing desire to succeed her project called you. Your dad respects your mum for this.

Sometimes, maybe, your dad does not openly say it, but as mostly the case, he secretly eulogizes the efforts your mom puts into making the family what it is. He tells his friends, family members, and acquaintance that your mom has been the pivot upon which he has moved since he married her. He eulogizes her efforts as much as he can. According to Susan Gale, Mothers are like glue. Even when you cannot see them, they are still holding the family together.

If your dad can trust your mum that much, then you have no excuse. Your dad is showing you a perfect example of what you must do. He is passing the message across that you have a responsibility to your mom. That responsibility is to have faith and confidence in her ability. Trust your mom, encourage her, love her, bless her, and make her a worthy mother by her efforts. When you do this, you increase mom’s confidence level and she would appreciate it. Take delight in seeing her smile always and often. You would be appreciating the fact that dad made the right choice in mom.

It could also be that your parents disagree most of the time, and you feel like it is hell right there, your mom still holds the answer to the peace. You just have to talk with your mom. Encourage her to stay put because you need her as much as you need clothes. Amos Brownson Alcott declares, “Where there is a mother, matters go well.”Dad and mom have to unite to front a common face to see you reach the top. They have to pray together, encourage you as a team, spur you up together, and see you as their project. Your utmost prayer should be always for God to unite them. Remember your dad loved your mom else they will not be married in the first place. Your mom loves your dad too.

They saw themselves as a workable team as led by God. They envisaged success. Whatever is happening is only a test of their resolve, how much they are able to keep their promise to be together. Stick to your mom. It is what she has that made dad say to her that day “I Love You.” Dad saw that gem, he saw in her, an answer to his needs. In addition, he was confident he had found your mom on the right footing. He saw something special about her. He knew she was and you know she has to be, the mother of the greatest whiz the world is yet to hear of.

Your mother is your asset