Single Parenting: Being A Good Parent For Your Kid

Single parenting is a strain-no matter which direction you look at it. An average day consists of juggling yourself and your time between your kid, your job’s, your bills, and yourself. These are not excuses to make life a living hell for your kid. There are many things you can do and should not do to make yourself into a good single parent.

Build a positive image of your ex-partner.

If this is impossible for you to do, then just try not to bad talk your ex-partner in front of your kid. The fact that your family is no longer the way it used to is already giving your kid a lot of stress. Don’t make your family’s situation a bit more of a struggle by ‘poisoning’ your kid’s mind for any reason. Your child deserves a father or a mother. Denying him that would not only rob him off a father or mother figure but a good concept of family and adult relationships.

Be emotionally present for your child.

Your child needs you more today than he ever needed you before. You may understand by now that you are not alone in your suffering; your kid shares your suffering. Whatever you are going through, he has to go through. If you feel that you have lost a life partner, remember that your kid lost something more valuable, a family. It would be unfair for you to abandon your kid when he is stressed out the most.

Turn your house back to being a home.

It is not enough that your kid has a roof over his head or a shirt over his back. What he really needs is a family, a whole one. Although it is now quite impossible to restore the way things were, it is possible to build new foundations for a new home.

Make your new home as nurturing and as peaceful as possible. Do not let the troubles of the past overwhelm your family and the uncertainty of the future trouble your kid. Establish well defined, commonly agreed-upon house rules and be firm about them.

Be good to yourself.

At the core of being a good single parent is being good to yourself. When you are unwell, emotionally and physically, your kid may feel it and be guilty about it. Keep in mind that a stressed-out parent almost always produces a stressed-out child.

Find good role models for your child.

Even if you could take the role of a father and a mother at the same time, there will always come a time when your child will be needing a father figure or a mother figure. In the deepest recesses of his mind, he searches for someone who can complete his concept of a family. If this is not properly addressed by a good role model that can take the role of a father or a mother, the child might go his own way and find his own models.

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