Nurses are wonderful human instruments used by God to pass across his healing virtue. God had given you a natural nurse in mom. Honore DelawareHonore de Balzac confirms during this statement, “It is barely the act of nursing that a lady realizes her family relationship in visible and tangible fashion. it’s a joy of each moment.”Mom had to nurse you thru your little growing years. After mom had undergone the process of bearing you under the masterly hands of those nurses at the hospital, she took the charge of nursing you throughout those little days all the way, to what you are now. She will still be the nurse through the years to come.

Like doctors, nurses are inevitable in the hospital system. Your mom like your dad is inevitable. You just cannot do without her. She created the enabling environment for your existence. She triggered your rise. She stood by you and dad. She it was who mentored your rise and shaped you through the scenario that life would present itself during the years of your rise to greatness.

Moms not like other nurses, she cares, much more than others would.

You have sometimes fallen ill. Mom nurses you through the illness. This is not because she was trained a nurse. Rather the greatest nurse the ability to nurse you through your health challenges has invested her. God imputed in her all the great nursing virtues that you would need.

Mom has all the qualities of a great nurse. She is patiently watching you grow into that great personality she knows you will to be.

As a nurse mom realizes you have:

Needs that will have to be met. She is standing behind you through all the periods of need to ensure those needs are met. As a nurse, she has everything you need in large supply and she is ready to help you meet those shortcomings.

  • Upheavals that tend to always want to weigh you down. Like those nurses in hospitals during times of their patient’s health upheavals, mom stands around you to weather the challenges and storms with you.
  • Resolute mind to achieve. Mom supports your resolve all the way. She believes in the absolute you with a strong resolve. She knows you can do much more.
  • So much more to offer the world. She admits to the fact that you are incredibly gifted and would want to see through those dreams and visions that is been cooked right inside you.
  • Everything that can make you great. As a nurse, she is taking the responsibility to ensure the guards you through so that you are able to reach full achievement status.

Who would be the better nurse? Often you have seen your mom stand the odds during periods of ill health. When it seemed you could not stand a sick body, mom accepted full responsibility. She dared to stand firm and strong.

Your mom resolves to:

  • Nurture you to the top.
  • Uplift you when it seems you are waning.
  • Reach out to your weakness.
  • Silence the voices that say you cannot.
  • Educate you on how much you can do.


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