Every child is an individual and requires a separate recipe for emotional, physical, social, mental, spiritual and intellectual development, so we must treat them in that way.

We can class children into three broad categories, namely: slow, average and brilliant. Generally speaking, most of our school systems are geared to be catering for the average children but recent educational developments and thoughts have made our teachers cater for the entire three categories well. However, the parents need to understand this vital phenomenon in child development in order to supplement and enhance the work of the teachers.

Believing that each child is unique we must look at the individual differences in each child and then assist in the development of all the talents that are possible for that child. Then the total growing up of your child would be meaningful and progressive.

There is no test that can measure all the intricacies of each child‘s personality but trained educational personnel nowadays have developed many appropriate tests that can help parents identify and plan the future developmental needs of their children. Always remember that the interpretation of any test on children must be done carefully and weighed against a lot of other available information.

If a child with high intelligence is to gain better results and succeed academically then the total learning of that child must be well planned and be accompanied by appropriate motivation and interest. If on the other hand, you have a child who is a slow learner then there are many ways and methods to assist the child develop to his or her full potentiality. Appropriate early childhood intervention is absolutely vital in helping the child to meet the challenges in the formative years.

Every parent should know that there are aptitudes and factors other than inborn or innate intelligence that influence a child‘s development and productivity. A healthy and conducive environment at home and in the community plays a major role in shaping the future of our children. Each parent should know how to select the environment that they would like their children to grow up in.

One specific point to remember though is that these aspects could be manipulated to the child‘s advantage if the parents learn to sacrifice some of their own time and interest for their children. A very busy schedule in business and other life commitments need to be planned well to look after the needs of our children.

To cater for the individual needs of the child and to honor the individual differences all parents should know that children have different depths of creativity, reasoning power, mechanical abilities, musical and artistic talents, and general expression. Therefore, we cannot expect that every child can fulfill all our dreams, wishes and expectations. Some children will do well, some will be average and some will be slow to develop their skills and abilities. There is no need to be hasty in this area of child development.

Taking all the initiative to meet the individual needs of different types of children is necessary from early childhood. Positive reinforcement, adequate motivation, proper encouragement and accelerating your own efforts to look after the needs of the individual child will provide your family with the best results and effective development.

Let us go back to the Unlimited again and remind our readers that the new educational revolution should be ‗interactive with new digital platforms and templates to make it easy”

Remember not to drive your children beyond their capabilities but always remember that we can enhance the capacity of our children to work better at home, in school and in the community. If the children show enthusiasm and brilliance we should fully meet their wishes and directions with care and interest.

Proving proper and adequate educational, social, and developmental tools to all your children will better equip them to face all aspects of life with greater enthusiasm and they will be fully prepared with a mind to think for a higher level. It is believed that the superior mind must be harnessed and driven to achieve good results.

Things that promote and provide the best learning climate for our children are early intervention, extensive reading opportunities, adequate play and physical activities, providing enough opportunity for oral expression and active participation in some of the useful activities of the family. Of course toys play a large part in the development of our children and the more toys the children use the greater would be their interaction.

We cannot overemphasize the need to provide full attention and care to the individual needs of your children. Let them join our public library services to borrow reading, viewing and listening materials. Consult teachers, family members and friends to get up to date knowledge on child development. In the days of increasing information technology we can go on various useful websites to broaden our knowledge of child development and parental responsibilities.

Educationists and teachers have found that there are some parental indulgences that can put children in difficulty for their development at home and in schools. These are over protection of your children, exerting too much pressure for their higher achievement and not controlling the unacceptable behaviour of your children. It is always advantageous for the parents to have moderate aims and standards than sticking to so high objectives and standards that cannot be reached easily by your children.

Homes where the parents share in the excitement of the children and impose fewer restrictions, the best results are obtained. Fortunately modern educational research and techniques have found that all types of children can be trained to a higher level of thinking and activities. Whatever the abilities of the children, try to make a realistic appraisal and without any heavy pressure, provide conducive and healthy environment if you expect good results from your children.

Nothing is impossible if you put in your genuine efforts to assist your children. That would be successful parenting. The not so bright child can become competent and helped to develop realistic self-esteem and confidence.

So let us do everything possible to ensure that our children develop well to fit into society and be valuable and effective citizens of our nation. Let us all note that good adjustments in the educational development of children are made from successes and not failures. Growing children need family support and not rejection.

So as one of the seven keys of the new learning revolution says that „it is global where the ever-expanding worldwide Internet owned by no one, used by everyone; where the combined knowledge of humankind is now available to virtually all at the tap of a digital keyboard or a touch screen.‟

Are we ready and responding favorably and ably to this aspect of our children‘s development?

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