We firmly believe that being a good and responsible parent is one of the most pleasant and important tasks in this world.

Parents who are acceptant, moderately indulgent, democratic and warmly affectionate have a home that is as near to satisfaction as can be expected and their children are generally well balanced, secure and happy.

Those parents, who try to reflect on their own childhood and make an effort to understand themselves first, find it easier to deal with their children with greater care and control. They are more able to guide their children to lead a happier life and move effectively towards adulthood. It is true that the parents, who are able to instil the acceptable virtues of good human beings into their children, are successful in making the life of their children comfortable and smooth.

All parents are expected to play various roles in the development of their children. The best that can be done in a brief handbook on such a massive field of though is to present a few broad and basic guidelines and concepts that are generally acceptable as being workable and worthwhile.

One point that needs to be emphasised is the growing up of children as an important member of the family unit. The children must belong to the family and learn to be part of the unit in doing things together.

We have heard many educationists say that if you want to be classed as a good and effective parent you are expected to perform a variety of duties and responsibilities with dignity and diligence. Let us outline a few of these for the information of those parents who care about the total development of their children.

Encourage your children to learn to do what they should, behave as they should, set an example of sensible and right behaviour and talk to them about the results of good behaviour and the consequence of bad.

Control when necessary, but try to establish an atmosphere of healthy freedom where your children can gradually learn to make better decisions for themselves.

Punish when necessary and restrain by reasonable means with as little anger as is humanly possible. Try to couple the behaviour with related punishment. Later discuss it frankly, so they can learn by it. In short, all punishment must suit the extent of misconduct but never be violent.

Try to fully understand your youngsters by realising that they are growing personalities who face new and puzzling challenges and problems everyday.

Give your children a sturdy sense of warm acceptance as a valued member of the 21 family. Genuinely accept and value your children, but not necessarily their wrong behaviour or attitudes.

Show your love by a temperate affection zone so your children are free to grow up emotionally.

Respect their need for privacy or thought and feeling, but be available as a mature person for guidance. Your children should be able to trust and confide in you for all their important problems and decisions.

Good parents know that there are at least three types of discipline that are considered poor:

  • Control by domination
  • No discipline at all
  • Variation from extreme severity to extreme leniency.

Good parents also know that they should accept children‘s emancipation as 22 desirable and inevitable and encourage them on a gradual basis to handle money, get in and out of own difficulties, not be allowed to dodge the outcome of their own bad judgement, choose more and more of their own friends.

Then, for our children, time and availability on the part of parents, are necessary ingredients to develop the possibility for family fun, communication and supportive influence.

Not only these above mentioned suggestions but also there may be many others that other parents have tried and were successful in developing a better family life. So it would be a good idea to learn from the successes and failures of your friends who have children of their own. Nobody knows everything and to discuss things with trusted friends increases our knowledge.

Giving your best shot at raising your children is not only your duty but it is your right and responsibility. To be successful in your parental obligations would mean a better family, a peaceful community, a responsible society and a harmonious nation.

Everyone around you and your children would always admire your contributions as a parent. Go forth and serve.

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Single Parenting: Being A Good Parent For Your Kid