6 Things Single Parents can do Earn Extra Income at Home

Many single parents find themselves in need of additional income, but do not have enough time to take second, or even third job. To guarantee that all the bills are properly covered, they tap to whatever time they have and whatever talent they possess to create an opportunity to earn. Here are some options to help you create financial opportunities even when you are at home:

1. Get a freelance job.

Instead of writing updating your personal blog, put your writing skills into good use and you can look for different freelance writing jobs. There are also part-time typing, proofreading, editorial, web designing, and content development jobs wherein you can earn extra money instantly. Look for several local postings or your local Craig’s list. You can find lots of opportunities to get better pay.

2. Become a telecommuter or a transcriptionist.

If you don’t have the right skills to develop web content or design, you can always find extra money by becoming a virtual assistant of different companies, big or small, or transcribing audio records. These jobs require basic computer skills so virtually any single parent can apply for this job.

3. Clean houses.

Each cleaning job can take about 3 hours of time. If you do it for at least once a week, you can have between $160 and $300 of extra income. Post your service online or at local grocery stores.

4. Use whatever skills you have.

Can you cook? Can you make cupcakes and pastries? Can you wrap gifts beautifully? Do you have the skill to create wedding invitation, postcards or greeting cards? It is not a secret that many people become rich by doing what they love to do. If you think you have what it takes to convert your skills into something that will give you better financial opportunities, do not deprive yourself in doing so.

5. Pet sit, babysit, or tutoring.

Your friends, neighbours and relatives are surely your first clients when it comes to these services. Know what you can do best then offer the service for instant income.

6. Sell items.

Holding a garage sale can be a good way to earn extra cash, but you cannot do this regularly. Instead, you can sell items online or sell items around your neighbourhood on consignment. While part-time jobs are merely for income’s sake, remember that the job you need to pick is the one you really enjoy. After all, you have to do this after regular working hours, when you are tired and responsibilities at home become the priority.

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